July 7, 2024

Top 5 Trends in Operations management

This blog discusses the top five operations management trends. Operations management is essential in a company because it assists in the efficient management, monitoring, and supervision of products, facilities, and staff. These five trends can lead you to rethink your opinion.

Operations management, as we all know, is the method of planning, controlling, and supervising manufacturing and distribution processes as well as service delivery.

However, operations management in 2020 will be very different from what we are used to. As a result of COVID-19’s global impact, we’re seeing noticeable shifts in manufacturing and the economy, with supply chains being disrupted and demand slowing down in some industries.

Although there are many facets of COVID to comprehend, manufacturing and operations management are two of the most significant. Understanding these patterns is crucial for assessing appropriate planning and the best course of action. As a result, following COVID19, we will briefly address operations management developments in 2020.

Streamlining Communication

It is important to streamline enterprise communication to both management and frontline staff. Using communication tools for your company is a must during this period, particularly when new information is being broadcast on a regular basis. There are numerous communication resources available, including those mentioned below:

MS Teams

Although these tools can be extremely useful in the workplace, they often overlook frontline staff and other employees who are not seated at a desk. As more information is shared, improved communication can be extremely beneficial and can boost a manufacturer’s bottom line.


Frontline Workers Upskilling

For a long time, businesses and production plants would have to deal with the fallout from COVID19. Operations administrators would have to think about new ways to save time and resources for their businesses. Companies facing backlogs due to poorly skilled staff are one of the most significant obstacles. Entry to and enhancement of preparation will be critical in deciding the outcome of the organizational performance in 2020.

Health and Safety Emphasis

For obvious reasons, safety and health will be a major consideration in the months and years ahead. Individuals and staff would be especially health-conscious for a time during which all operations managers will place a high emphasis on health and safety. When attempting to upgrade the facility, it is critical to stay current and recognize the importance of health and safety.

Demand Responsiveness Improvement ­

Demand responsiveness is by far one of the most important things to comprehend and examine. Demand for certain products is rapidly shifting in a matter of weeks, leaving companies puzzled. Demand responsiveness and agility are critical, whether there has been a significant increase or a significant decrease in demand. It’s important to be prepared for any possible spikes and declines in demand, depending on your industry, particularly as the seasons shift and we prepare for a second wave.

Customer demand for a wider product mix and quicker delivery, combined with downward cost pressures, necessitates the automation of operations management processes in today’s manufacturing operations. Organizations cannot rely on conventional ERP systems in the face of rapidly evolving market dynamics and uncertainty.

Organizations and workers are reorganizing and equipping themselves with cutting-edge business technology, which is essential for survival.

Automation Efficiency

Automation has been a hot subject in manufacturing for a long time. We can easily see an improvement in profitability and efficiency as these technologies are integrated into production lines, as automation continues to grow at a rapid pace. As the future becomes more unpredictable, and robots and automation do not need human interaction, this has resurfaced as a hot subject.