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To inspire positive change and innovation, I am committed to leveraging my skills, experience, and passion to drive excellence in project management and foster growth in the communities I serve. Through dedication, integrity, and unwavering commitment to social and environmental responsibility, I aim to leave a lasting impact, empower individuals, and contribute to a brighter future for all.

About Manwendra

I offer over a decade of hands-on experience in Project and Program Management, covering a diverse spectrum of domains, including Digital Transformation, New Product Development, Mass Production, Operations Management, and Supply Chain Management. My professional journey has traversed multiple industries, including Industrial Electronics Manufacturing, Software Development, and Healthcare products.

Over the course of my career, I’ve cultivated a robust skill set in Project Management, proficient in both traditional waterfall methods and a variety of agile methodologies. I’m acknowledged for my track record of consistently delivering top-notch outcomes that serve as a cornerstone in propelling multifaceted business expansion.

What i am doing now?

I am dedicated to making a positive impact and achieving excellence through hard work, innovation, and a commitment to continuous growth and improvement

Delivery Manager

A consummate orchestrator of operational excellence, ensures that every project reaches its destination with precision, efficiency, and a touch of brilliance.

Board Member (Director)

Director is the compass guiding PMI Pune Chapter, providing strategic vision, wisdom, and leadership that sets the course for a brighter, more successful future.

VP- Marketing & Comm.

Architect of our brand's narrative, crafting compelling stories that resonate and orchestrating strategies that connect, inspire, and drive our chapter's triumph.

Few statistics

From humble beginnings to achievements, my journey unfolds through meaningful milestones and performance statistics, demonstrating my growth and dedication to excellence.


People Trained







Global Recognitions

I’m delighted to share the global recognition and accolades I’ve received for my contributions and commitment to excellence

PMI Future 50

They aspire to grand visions, fueled by curiosity. They embrace uncertainty as a canvas for innovation, applying their project management skills to create impact in their industries & communities.

PMI Rising Leader Award

Spotlights a dynamic young professional driving substantial progress in elevating project management standards, practices, and ethical excellence to new heights.

President's Award for Execellece

The President’s Award for Individual Excellence celebrates outstanding individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, achievement, and unwavering dedication, setting a high standard for excellence and inspiring others.

Flex's Wall of Fame

Flex’s Wall of Fame honors exceptional individuals who have left an indelible mark on our organization, showcasing their outstanding contributions, commitment, and lasting impact within our vibrant community

My Credentials

Certifications play a vital role in elevating one’s credibility and self-image, serving as a driving force for lifelong learning and continuous professional development. They are a testament to my commitment to excellence.


"The Surface- The Project Management Guide for Beginners" is meticulously structured and written in plain language for beginners to gain a clear understanding of Project Management fundamentals, various methodologies, and other critical information.

My Philosophy

 I delve into the core principles that shape my perspective and actions. Explore the values and beliefs that drive my journey

Fail Fast ,Fail Forward

I embrace my failures and believe that failure is one step closure to success. Faster you fail faster you move toward success.


Other advice I would give is to not blindly follow trends. Question and challenge the status quo.

Learning Agility

Agility in learning is my ability to know what to do when you don’t know what to do.

My Skills

My negotiation and persuasion skills enable me to effortlessly create Win-Win deals with people, organizations, and vendors. I excel at identifying complex problems and using critical thinking to implement solutions for the benefit of the organization

Project Management


Train & Develop


Business Analytics


Ops Management


Supply Chain Mgmt.


Digital Transformation


Program Management


Portfolio Management


Strategic Planning


People Management


Public Appearances

Your knowledge is multiplies if you share with others.

Intelligent Automation Hackathon

I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with others, harnessing the power of low-code platforms and cutting-edge technologies such as Appian, Uipath, Unqork, and more to address real-world challenges.

The energy and creativity in the room were truly inspiring, and I was thrilled to witness the innovative solutions that our teams produced. I was honored to organize the event with the unwavering support of my dedicated team.

Syngenta's "INGENUITY DEVCON 2021"

This session was to provide a perspective with some facts which can help in “Maximizing the Benefits Of Disruptive Technologies on Projects”

Organizations are realizing that disruptive technologies can give them a competitive advantage by improving the customer experience, enhancing employee efficiency, and shortening project timelines. They are harnessing technologies to change the way they operate—and the way they manage projects.

Project Management World Summit and Awards - Mumbai

A panel discussion on “Waterfall vs. Agile: Which is the Right Development Methodology for Your Project? “

Its very interesting subject where new project program managers are struggling to find right approach to manage the project. What is suitable for your project’s on time closure and within budget? What’s you thought ? Reach out to me if you want to discuss more.

"Project Management is Evolving "

Delivered a session on Project Management evolution in Penang, Malaysia.

An interactive session on new tools & technologies in Project Management. Impact and changes expected in the industry.

Project Management National Conference, India 2019

The Project Management National Conference (PMNC) is PMI’s flagship event in India. It is a celebration of the project management profession which brings together hundreds of practitioners, chapter leaders and business professionals from around the world and serves as common ground for the project management community to exchange information on best practices, latest trends, technology, and also experience thought provoking addresses by industry captains and leaders from across domains.

PMI Region 11 Meeting
Leader's summit

PMI Region 11 Meeting is a leadership forum where all PMI Leaders of India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh come together and share their plans and thoughts to improve Project Management standard and  learning .

As an elected Board of Director and VP- Corporate relations , we discussed on collaboration with corporates for adoption of efficient Project Management in various organizations in Maharashtra.

My Blogs

Your knowledge is multiplies if you share with others.

This blog will provide project managers, project teams, and stakeholders with a shared viewpoint on project planning. Organizations that have a shared strategy for project preparation are more likely to have good project execution.

PMI Young Professional Award Winner
First recipient from India

The PMI Young Professional Award recognizes and honors a young professional who has made a significant impact in advancing project management within an organization, advancing the knowledge and understanding of the practice of project management, and demonstrating an understanding of PMI standards, practices and ethics.

President's Award for Individual Excellence
Sole recipient of this award in India

The “President’s Individual Excellence award” recognizes individual employees or project/program teams for going above and beyond their normal duties to deliver results while demonstrating below Flex values:

  • We support each other, strive to find a better way.
  • We move fast with discipline and purpose.
  • We do the right thing always.

Flex, GBS India - Wall of Fame
Most prestigious virtual Award in Flex, GBS India

This Award recognizes individual employees or project/program teams for exceptional performance.

  • We support each other, strive to find a better way.
  • We move fast with discipline and purpose.
  • We do the right thing always.

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Manwendra Singh.

Manwendra is known for his ability to produce outstanding deliverables that help businesses grow. A Thought leader in the field of project management and operations management, he is known for his ability to challenge the status quo, introduce new perspectives, and redefine the box rather than only thinking outside of it.

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