Manwendra’s blogs are widely read digital resources on  Management techniques and Project Management. Regular topics include productive management techniques, Essentials for Project Management & Program Management.

This blog will  help you choose right certification  to advance your career in field of Management. I am sharing my perspective which i gained in about a decade and by being at both side of the table.

Linkedin Project Planning This blog will provide project managers, project teams, and stakeholders with a shared viewpoint on project planning. Organizations that

Linkedin Top 5 Trends in Operations management This blog discusses the top five operations management trends. Operations management is essential in a

Linkedin 7 Common reason for project failure Though every project is distinct and can have a different set of reasons leading to

Linkedin 3 Tips to keep Projects under control Controlling your projects means that you’re staying ahead of the curve. You can identify

Linkedin Project Meetings – Make it count Meetings are often viewed as time wasters—unfortunately, with good reason. This blog will  explain how


"The Surface- The Project Management Guide for Beginners" is meticulously structured and written in plain language for beginners to gain a clear understanding of Project Management fundamentals, various methodologies, and other critical information.

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Manwendra Singh.

Manwendra is known for his ability to produce outstanding deliverables that help businesses grow. A Thought leader in the field of project management and operations management, he is known for his ability to challenge the status quo, introduce new perspectives, and redefine the box rather than only thinking outside of it.